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Posted on 14 Nov, 2017 in Blog, Locksmiths |

Securing Outdoor Buildings & Sheds

Securing Outdoor Buildings & Sheds

It might seem that trying to secure buildings and possessions that lie outside your home is a lost cause: it’s a lot easier to get into someone’s shed, greenhouse or garage than their house, with the only barrier usually being a flimsy padlock or a door that could easily be taken off by unscrewing the hinges. It’s also easier to remain undetected outside rather than inside, assuming there are occupants in the home.

If you want to keep outside buildings secure, there’s some precautions you can take if you’re getting a new one. One of the easiest ways to get in a locked shed is removing the door hinges if they’re located outside, so putting hinges on the inside, or making the hinges difficult to remove is a good start.

Padlocks aren’t all that effective as a barrier to a burglar, as key bumping is an easy way to get past one, but high-quality padlocks have a more complex locking system that can’t be bumped. Some padlock designs, such as the O-Ring offer better defence to brute-force attempts than a D-Lock, where more of the shackle is exposed and easy to rip or saw open.

Where you place your shed is extremely important. Generally speaking, the harder it is to see from the street, the better. Anchoring the shed to the ground can prevent more enterprising burglars from lifting it up onto the side and going through the shed’s weak flooring.

Other things you can do is fit an alarm, obscure windows with curtains and make sure that any heavy-duty gardening tools are kept inside your shed, so they can’t be used on your shed or greenhouse. Taking care of the buildings that aren’t in your home isn’t a simple task, but there are effective ways of doing it.

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