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Posted on 3 Nov, 2017 in Blog, Locksmiths |

Maintaining your Lock in Winter

Maintaining your Lock in Winter

While many of us in the UK have fairly calm winters, many of us never seeing snow falling, there are areas in the UK that can be prone to blizzards, storms and sub-zero temperatures that can damage the outside of your home, particularly sensitive mechanisms like locks. Below-freezing weather can cause the locks around your home to get jammed with ice, making entry difficult if not impossible. If it’s an electronic lock, it may simply break due to how water expands when freezing, similar to how pipes break.

There are some obvious ways to protect your lock, but they may not be effective and could actually damage the lock: covering the lock with tape or some kind of adhesive can result in some of the adhesive entering the lock and jamming it further. WD-40, while a useful product for many maladies is not suitable for un-freezing, as it will also dry up any lubricant necessary to the lock’s operation. If your key has a chip in it, don’t heat the key up as it will likely damage the chip.

One of the best ways to fix a frozen lock is getting some isopropyl alcohol from your local supermarket or hardware store. Mix with water, and you have a cheap and cheerful de-icer that you can also use on car windows. Putting it into a spray bottle can ensure that the de-icer reaches all corners of the lock.

To stop ice from getting inside your lock in the first place, taping a plastic or rubber container over the doorlock can keep moisture from getting in, but the tape may not stick unless the surface is nice and dry.

Winter can be hell for those that have to tend with wild weather, but you can save you lock from the worst of it with these simple steps. MJS Locksmiths offer services for everyone in Darlington, Bishop Auckland and Country Durham: homeowners with a broken front door lock, businesses with malfunctioning uPVC locks, emergency boarding for shattered windows, all within 24 hours of calling and no damage to your locks.

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