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Posted on 23 Oct, 2017 in Blog, Locksmiths |

How to ensure your doors are secure

How to ensure your doors are secure

When you’re moving into a new home, or a new office building, or some other property, you need to check and see if your doors are secure. Perhaps the previous owner was reckless and left spare keys around, or the building has been broken into before. Either way, it pays to be thorough as many burglars can enter your home through the front door by exploiting weaknesses in them. Things to look out for include:

A damaged or corroded deadbolt lock

Take a look at your deadbolt, or more specifically, the strike plate. Secure the latch into the deadbolts. If it’s old, rusted, weak, or just naturally flimsy, it won’t stand up to an intruder as a brute-force entry can break the lock. Replacement deadbolt locks are cheap and can be installed quickly by a locksmith.

Can’t find all the spare keys?

If you intend to keep the old lock, you need to find any spare keys produced for that lock. All it takes is the wrong man getting a spare key for that man to walk into your home like they own it, so either asking the previous owner about spare keys or simply replacing the lock itself is advised, the latter case only if the previous owner doesn’t know where any missing keys are.

Outward-facing Door Hinges

Are they exposed? Does your door swing outwards? If you answer yes to these questions, you’ve discovered a fatal flaw in your front door. A burglar can easily use weak hinges to get past an otherwise secure front door. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to give extra strength to those hinges.

Sliding doors

Arguably the weakest link in the house, these doors are the easiest way for a burglar to get in, and often homeowners forget to lock or fortify them entirely. Despite being silent, easy to force through, and merely a forgotten entrance to everyone but the criminals, these doors often give burglars easy, quick entry. Make sure these doors are locked when you’re out of the home, regardless of how impractical it might be for a burglar to get in.

The doors of your home are the barrier that prevents unwanted guests from taking your possessions, but it’s only going to work if it’s kept in good shape. MJS Locksmiths offer services for residential and commercial buildings in Darlington, Middlesbrough and Country Durham: homeowners with a broken front door lock, businesses with malfunctioning uPVC locks, emergency boarding for shattered windows, all within 24 hours of calling.

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