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Posted on 28 Aug, 2017 in Blog, Glazing |

What Do You Do When Your Window Breaks?

What Do You Do When Your Window Breaks?

If you’re a homeowner, you will likely have to deal with potential damage to your home: shattered windows, cracked walls, missing roof tiles, or damaged doors that won’t open. This can come from a number of sources: vandalism, accidents, or just age and gradual erosion causing things to break. Before you call a repairman or home improvement service, it’s recommended that you do something to clean up or protect your home in the meantime. While a lot of window repair companies (like us) can put up boarding or new windows within 24 hours, it’s best to clean up the mess and seal the window in case they don’t respond that quickly.

For broken windows, the first thing that needs to be done is either protect the broken glass, or clean up shattered glass. When the window is shattered but otherwise intact, using duct tape or another strong adhesive to keep the shards in place until they can be replaced. If the entire pane is broken and shattered, disposing of the shards is vital to avoid injuring anyone. Make sure you are wearing some protective apparel on your hands and feet: adhesive tape can be used to collect the smallest shards, while most shards can be picked up with protective gloves.

Now you need to cover up the window. A heavy-duty bin liner or thick pane of plastic taped or stapled on will keep the draught out, but if the weather is particularly poor, plywood can be used to seal off the window. Take a photo of the window before it’s repaired, as it can be used for an insurance claim. Repairing windows doesn’t take too long when you use a good repairman, so a bin liner will likely do fine for Britain’s fairly mild weather.

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