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Posted on 3 Jan, 2014 in Blog, Domestic Locksmiths |

What’s the best type of door lock? Is my home Secure?

What’s the best type of door lock? Is my home Secure?

Wooden Front doors

Originally wooden doors to a property will have been fitted with a night latch and rim cylinder (often known as a Yale lock) this alone will not secure your door. A five lever mortice deadlock or sash lock to British standard 3621 should also be fitted, check for the BS kite mark on the face plate of the lock which is cut into the door.

Having a rim lock and mortice on your door are normally enough for most insurance companies, but you should consider fitting three locks in total to your door with a night latch in the middle and a mortice deadlock top and bottom, this will give your door strength in all parts of the door at all points which could be forces and also act as a visual deterrent.

UPVC Doors

Originally UPVC doors when they first came out were fitted with a multipoint locking system with four mushrooms or four roller cams down the side of the door which were all locked off at the euro cylinder (were the key goes in), these can be easily forced open with a small crow bar or flat headed screwdriver, if your door is fitted with this type of system it would be a good idea to upgrade it to a newer system with a number of hooks or deadbolts on.

Most doors manufactured in the last five years will have been fitted with a good standard of multipoint lock at the point of manufacture.

All of these types of door will have been fitted with a euro cylinder at the point of manufacture regardless of how old or new your door is the Euro cylinder is most probably sub-standard and could be snapped off very easily.

Basically it does not matter how many hooks or bolts you have down the side of your door they are all locked off at one point the euro cylinder, if this is a standard cylinder your door can be easily forced entry to using a method called “LOCK SNAPPING”.

We recommend new euro cylinders to be fitted which are British standard anti-snap solid suture SS 312 Diamond level or 3 star rated certification.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors normally have a multipoint lock built in with a euro cylinder, having a good euro cylinder fitted to these type of doors is normally not enough, a lot of these type of doors can be lifted off there runners or track from the outside, we would recommend anti-lift bolts to be fitted to the top and bottom of the door internally.

French Patio Doors

French doors are also normally fitted with a multipoint locking system and a euro cylinder the same as a standard single UPVC door, so first of all a good standard of euro cylinder will needed to be fitted.

Also these doors can be easily forced in the middle or either hinge side, so we would recommend fitting additional surface mounted bolts to the top and bottom of the doors internally and also hinge bolts regardless if the doors open in or out over.


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