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Posted on 10 Jul, 2017 in Blog, Locksmiths |

What is a Smart Key?

What is a Smart Key?

If you’ve owned a car that has been built after the mid-90s, the Smart Key has been an industry standard for decades and you likely own one. Traditional keys have been around for a while, not changing their basic design for millennia, but they still have their weaknesses: their vulnerability to lockpicking, the need to insert the key in the lock instead of being able to do it remotely and the ability to copy a key quickly, allowing thieves to take your property.

Electronic keys for cars were developed in 1995 by Siemens and introduced to the market by the Mercedes S-Class, a long-running series of luxury cars that demonstrate the latest technology and engineering advances. The Smart Key allowed a S-Class owner to open the car door and boot remotely, handy when you have your hands full or want to open the car for someone else. Modern Smart Car keys can disengage the immobiliser and activate the ignition, removing any further need for a mechanical car key. However, all Smart Keys keep a backup mechanical key in case the electronic key malfunctions or runs out of battery power.

Electronic keys have some disadvantages over mechanical keys: one of the biggest is how vulnerable they are to tech-savvy criminals. A competent hacker can break through the vast majority of Smart Keys on a cheap phone or computer, from a distance and in a way that looks inconspicuous. In 2014 over 6000 cars in London were stolen without the key, 17 a day. Poor security has always been the bane of electronic locking systems, but Smart Keys seem to be especially vulnerable to hackers.

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