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Posted on 3 Jan, 2014 in Blog, UPVC Repair |

UPVC Window & Door Repair

UPVC Window & Door Repair

Have you been told your faulty or damaged UPVC windows or doors can not be repaired or fixed?

………..Well they can!

At MJS we carry a wide range of different UPVC locks, handles, hinges etc in stock on our mobile workshop. If it is a part we do not carry we can get it next day and secure your window or doors till we have the parts to fix your problem.

You may also of been told that the locks or parts for your window or door are no longer available, in a lot of cases with older windows or doors this is true, but here at MJS we will put the time and effort and with our expertise in this field we will fit new parts in there place, normally upgrading your security at the same time.

Also a lot of window or door fitting companies will just want to sell you new windows and doors and not even try and repair them for you.

Common problems or faults

UPVC Windows: Commonly become hard to shut normally this is caused by the windows dropping over time, this is due to the weight coming down over on the hinges. By replacing the hinges this can get your windows working correctly fast and cost effective for the customer. If the windows are left and you keep forcing them shut over time you may also break the locking mechanisms in your windows. It is best to get a problem window fixed when the problem first occurs before you damage more parts to your windows.

UPVC Doors: The main problem with UPVC doors is alignment, they drop out of line and become stiff and hard to lock, this can be easily resolved by adjusting your door or toe and healing it so it is in line and locking correctly. A lot of people leave this problem and keep forcing there door handle up to lock the door, this is when your UPVC mechanism will break and will need replacing. It is always best to get your door looked at as soon as you feel it getting hard to lock, this can save you time and money in the long run.

What can be repaired:


 -Windows and doors adjusted

-New window or door mechanisms





-All UPVC window or door parts can be repaired, replaced and serviced you just need the expertise to do this.


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