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Posted on 1 Oct, 2016 in Blog, Locksmiths |

What sort of locks should you use on the doors and windows of your home?

What sort of locks should you use on the doors and windows of your home?

Are you aware that the main target of burglars is the windows and the doors?

That means those two major entrances must be well-protected if you are really making security your top priority. It would however be better to give equal attention to the two sides of your windows and doors, talking of the locks and hinges, as burglars may take advantage of any of them. It is also important to note that your choice of lock would vary if it would be used as an exterior or interior, for example, installing a “deadbolt lock” on the door to your bathroom would not make sense, and using a “push button privacy lockset” on the entrance to your apartment is not safe either.

You probably might be wondering what kind of locks would then be perfect and secure. MJS Locksmiths have carefully reviewed the right locks for your doors and windows just for you.

As nice and amazing as High-Tech key-less locks like key-fob, bio-metric and smartphone controlled locks look, they do not make your house more secure. They are only convenient and cannot be as strong as key locks. We always recommend that all wooden doors be secured with a “5-lever British standard mortice lock” and exterior doors should be made of solid wood with additional steel plate or made of steel doors.

There are three grades of door locks as established by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) based on quality and durability. Grade 1 – which is the best, grade 2 – which is better, and grade 3 – which is good. While grade 1 and 2 are for commercial buildings, grade 3 is perfect for residential purposes and you can make use of them as your exterior doors. The knobs are designed to withstand 2 door strikes, 150 pounds weight test, and 200,000 cycles while the deadbolts are designed to withstand 2 door strikes and 100,000 cycles.

We recommend the deadbolt as the most secure lock to your home. This type of lock do not have springs inside of it. The single-cylinder type of the deadbolt has a turn button inside but is operated from outside while the double-cylinder type is been operated with a key both in and out.

For your windows, we recommend ABUS window locks to secure your home. This window lock meets all security standards and it can be used on all kinds of windows including tilted ones. With this lock, it will be difficult for burglars to break-in through your window as it gives it full protection. They also come in different colours and designs and are very easy to operate. Some of the ABUS window locks includes cellar grating lock, lockable window handles, locks for double window, 2nd fit locks, combination windows lock, and roller shutter locks.

As much as you would be protecting your home with the best locks, it is also important that you secure the hinges of your doors and windows as well. The two ABUS hinges are the “hinge side lock FAS101” and “the hinge side lock FAS97”.

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