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Posted on 21 Nov, 2016 in Blog, Locksmiths |

Shed Security | Garage Security – Keeping Your Possessions Safe

Shed Security | Garage Security – Keeping Your Possessions Safe

If you’ve suffered the trauma of a break in to your garden shed, garage or out-house you will realise that they contain more items worth stealing that your appreciated.  More importantly they may contain tools or easy access to help a burglar break into your house.

At MJS Locksmith, we’ve seen all type of locks – some of which give you a false sense of security and are a total waste of money.

Here are a few ways you can improve your shed, garage and out-house security:

  • Install security bars on windows
  • Install pick resistant locks
  • Install additional corrosion resistant padlocks
  • Install a security alarm with door and window sensors
  • Install CCTV
  • Install a motion detector light, that attracts attention which burglars want to avoid
  • Consider padlocking bikes, lawn movers and other expensive items to U bolts secured to the floor.

Interconnecting Access

If you have an interconnecting door between the garage and your house, you should have a door that is fire resistant for at least 30 minutes. Look for doors that are tested to BS 476 Part 22: 1987.

To help protect you further consider replacing the standard multi-point locking door set with one certificated to PAS 24:2012 for enhanced security.

Peace of Mind

Protecting your family, home and possessions should be your first priority but it doesn’t have to cost the earth, speak to Marc at MJS Locksmiths Darlington to find out how he can help make your business more secure.

For help call MJS Locksmiths on 01325 482692

MJS Locksmiths provides Locksmith services throughout Darlington, Bishop Auckland, Middlesbrough and Durham.

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