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Posted on 19 Aug, 2016 in Blog, Locksmiths |

Leaving a Spare Key Hidden Outside

Leaving a Spare Key Hidden Outside

Is it a tradition in your family to leave a spare key hidden outdoors just in case it is ever needed by you or the kids? Well, you might think you’re doing a good thing, but you could actually be helping out burglars. Yes, it’s true. Leaving a spare key hidden outside of your property could very well leave you to the susceptibility of being robbed. Don’t believe it? Here are 3 of the obvious risks associated with the hiding of a spare key.

Someone Else May Find It

Hiding that spare key in your flower pot, under a loose brick or under your welcome mat is never a good idea because thieves know to look in these places. If the burglar can gain entry to your home with a key, he or she will be able to take his or her time as they rummage through your belongings in search of valuables.

You Might Forget Where It Is

The other obvious reason why you should reconsider hiding a spare key outdoors is that you might just forget where you placed it. After all, a lost hidden key is just as good of use as the key you originally lost.

The Elements Can Change Its Location

Another reason why you should be careful when hiding a spare key on your property is the fact that the elements have the potential to alter your landscape. This means that you very well might not be able to find the key following a heavy rainfall, small quakes or high winds.

You don’t have to be a locksmith in darlington to gain access to properties when the owner leaves a spare keys outside a property. A safer solution is to have a trusted locksmith in your contacts for that one time you lose your keys.

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