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Posted on 8 Aug, 2017 in Blog, Locksmiths |

Electronic Locks – Are they the future?

Electronic Locks – Are they the future?

Old-fashioned mechanical locks may soon be a thing of the past – although robust, secure and easy to fix, they lack the convenience that people are looking for in the future. While some mechanical locks are almost impossible to beat, your average door lock that uses tumblers or a cheap deadbolt is vulnerable to lockpicking, brute force opening or subterfuge such as copied keys, methods which have been mastered by criminals over the centuries. Electronic locks, however, haven’t been around long enough to become so vulnerable.

One of the oldest electric lock types is the keypad. Not requiring a key for opening can be quite handy, and it automatically removes the threat of being opened with a copied/stolen key, but the obvious problem of keeping the code secret can lead to a criminal being able to get past the lock whenever they please once they’ve figured it out. Wearing on the keypad buttons after long use can reveal the code itself after narrowing down the variables.

RFID Locks, or Radio Frequency Identification Locks are a common sight in modern buildings, using a card or fob to pass a lock. Reproducing the card is a much more difficult task than copying a key, and some RFID designs allow you to simply walk through the door without pulling it out, allowing you to enter while carrying something with both hands. Bluetooth locks work in a similar fashion, using the Bluetooth wireless system in your smartphone to verify it’s you coming through the door.

By far the most expensive type available is the Biometric lock, or fingerprint locks. A concept frequently seen in spy thrillers or sci-fi stories, you place your finger or hand on a pad that then scans it for the biometric pattern that unlocks the door. These designs are extremely secure, since it’s almost impossible to create a perfect imitation of a human hand, or even a matching fingerprint that this design will accept.

These all cost more money than a simple mechanical lock, but the advantages in convenience and security make them the lock designs of the future. MJS Locksmiths offer services for everyone in Darlington, Middlesbrough and Country Durham homeowners with a broken front door lock, businesses with malfunctioning uPVC locks, emergency boarding for shattered windows, all within 24 hours of calling.

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